Bangkok: Free Palestine billboard is seen in the heart of the city for the first time!


For first time, Palestine flag that comes along with a “FREE PALESTINE” message and the iconic dome of the holy al-Aqsa mosque is displayed on a large billboard in the heart of the capital city of Thailand. The billboard can be seen down the expressway around Sathu Pradit, Bangkok. It is expected that this project is sponsored by Thai Muslim community in order to show their support for the Palestinians.

It is reported that a large billboard bearing the Palestine flag with the English text which says “FREE PALESTINE” is being seen clearly on the expressway down to Sathu Pradit Road, Bangkok.
The purchased billboard is believed to be organized by Thai Muslims who want to take a stand to support and show solidarity with the Palestinians occupied by Israel.
In the past, Thai Muslims have had activities to show their stance in support of Palestine throughout various opportunities, including marching, holding seminars, and etc. However, it has never appeared that such large billboard have been purchased for this objective before. It can be said that this is the first time and a new development of the Thai Muslim community in showing solidarity with the Palestinians.
It is unclear which group of Thai Muslims bought the billboard. But reporters noted that they likely got the idea from the Muslims community in the UK and some European countries where Palestinian support groups are buying ads at bus stops, on buses and subway stations in order to put up posters with supporting Palestinians messages and disseminate information about Israel’s atrocious treatments against the Palestinians. Whether it be slaughtering, massacre, land occupation and the demolition of houses by the Israeli forces.
The recent conflict has erupted in the middle of May after Israel’s reinforced offensive operations in Gaza through evictions, beating, and shooting. The violence then triggered the Palestinian resistance group as they fired rockets back caused the Israelis to respond with its bombardment on Gaza.